Adding @Docs to a folder and it staying there?

I am using Elixir and some obscure Elixir frameworks for several projects. When I add the documentation using @Docs it only works for a little while and then I have to do it again. I tried to add the @Docs to the ‘Rules for AI’ section but I don’t think that works because I am having a difficult time testing it.
Is there a way to make a set of libraries and repos be used whenever I use chat without having to add them to chat?
Bonus question: which is better, GPT4 or cursor-fast?

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When you say @Docs only works for a little while, does it stop working in the same chat thread?

Unfortunately this won’t work in the Rules for AI section. We have been thinking of some sort of persistent context - happy to share if this is implemented!

GPT-4 is more intelligent! cursor-fast is a replacement for 3.5 (with the same speed and much better quality, up to that of GPT-4)

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Thanks for the info!
I have been using Cursor for a while now and I just started learning about ‘Rules for AI’ section. So far I love what I am seeing.
Is there a section on the web or in the docs about getting the most out of Cursor?
If so, I have not been able to find it.
I realize it would need to be updated as often as things change but maybe you could ask the community and/or AI to help you with that :wink: