Advanced Codebase Context Feature

Just noticed something off recently – the Advanced codebase feature seems to have vanished into thin air. This is the one in the sidebar chat with the nifty collapsible section for tweaking context for semantic search. It was a game-changer for filtering stuff in or out and really fine-tuning semantic searches.

Loved using those include/exclude filters – they were super handy. Sure, we can still tag files with @filepath, but regex filtering was much more cost-efficient and direct, saving us time and headaches. Now, without a way to exclude files, it feels like something is missing.

Sometimes, for Cursor, getting the context right can be a bit of a puzzle. Being able to exclude /vendor/ or include specific bits under a /node_modules/ dependency made things much easier.

Not sure if this feature got axed by design or if it’s just a glitch. Either way, I’m seriously missing it. It would be awesome to have it back on board!

Should still be there. Are you able to access it with @Codebase?

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It’s now reappeared. Not sure what was going on.

What are the requirements for the advanced button to show up?

We will be deprecating the advanced button.

You should use @codebase, which gives you the same menu of options inside the input box where you can toggle advanced there

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I didn’t know about that. Thanks for the tip.

However, as a fan of shortcuts, please make sure Ctrl+Shift+Enter still uses advanced search and makes the Advanced button visible, even if that entails appending @codebase to the message