Any using this with Unity?

When applying changes it does not do automatically gotta do it manually. I assume its confused by unity files.

Can anyone answer this question? I’m looking for someone to answer because I have the same question. If anyone has solution, please tag me. Thanks a lot.

join my unity AI discord… we can talk about our specific unity stuff there

If you’ll setup the unity for vscode and install into cursor app all needed extensions, will it does work?

you just point the cursor ai to the unity folder and ask quesitons… then i use VS2022 for debugging. so sadly I have to open 2 IDEs

I’ve tried it right now and it works for me.

  1. Setup simple usual vscode on your pc
  2. Setup vscode for work with unity (you have to use unity 2021+)
    2.1 Unity->preferencies->external editor → vscode and click flags for create project files for all projects (player, embedded, etc)
    2.2 In vscode (and in cursor too!) install all needed ext for unity (Unity extension, Unity debugger, C#, C# Dev kit )
  3. Open your cursor and open unity project folder. Wait until cursor initialized all C# projects.