Backspace and enter button stops working in cursor

For some reason my back and enter button stops working suddenly in cursor. Works fine anywhere else. First thought there might be any issue with my keyboard but nope.

Hi @ashutoshb09,

Sorry to hear that this is happening to you. Could you provide more details about which operating system you’re using? Are you using the latest version of Cursor?

Also, does restarting the app solve the issue? Would love to know if there are steps to reproduce this issue!

Hey @shaoruu I am using macos sonoma and latest version of cursor. This was also happening in previous version though.

Yeah restarting it solves the issue sometimes and even after restarting it starts to happen again. Some times have to restart my laptop to fix this

Hi @ashutoshb09,

Does this happen persistently every time you open Cursor? Do you have certain things open for this to happen? Just curious, have you tried disabling Copilot++ or Github Copilot (the extension)? These two sometimes cause some clash between keybindings, not sure if this is caused by that though…

It would also be very helpful if you could provide a screen recording or something in that sense to help me reproduce! And again, thank you for reporting, I will be here to help.

Nope its very random. Yesterday it became persistent though, seems fine now. Will screen record and share next time it happens

Nah, didn’t try disabling copilot++ or github copilot. Will try this if it happens next.

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