Business plan and Cursor Access

I want to buy business plan with 2 to 4 users.
And I want to know how much GPT-4 request fast are there.

And also I have two system, can I use single ID on both system to access

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Right now, all plans have 500 fast uses. You can use pay for the Business plan mentioned here - Pricing | Cursor - The AI-first Code Editor

But 500 fast uses request are very less for my each member in my team.
I think in Business Plan GPT-4 fast is unlimited.

How many fast requests would you want per team member? We could look into adding higher tier plans.


2000 fast GPT-4 request


I would love that, currently I also hit 500 in 1week

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I also want to be able to have more fast requests.

For me, 1000 in the pro plan could be sufficient (I think).

But offer more choice - 500, 1000, 1500, 2000.

Or packages of 1000 to instantly buy on demand. Those should not expire on a new month.

@leoing Pro users can buy more requests by going to Cursor - The AI-first Code Editor => Manage Subscription => “Update plan” => And increase the quantity of the Cursor Pro plan.
And Business users should see an option to buy more requests in Cursor - The AI-first Code Editor too.

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I also think additional plans added would be great, I managed to whizz through my 500 fast responses in less than a day, so having plans with a set amount of fast responses at day would be great.

Please, can yiu help me, i ve upgrade to cursor pro gpt 4, but when i want to yse chat on cursor IDE they ask me to upgrade if i want to use gpt4, i dont KNOW what to do on the IDE .

Yep, you business plan admins can upgrade the monthly # of fast requests for users

Could you make sure you’re logged in with the account that you bought pro on? I.e. if you log out and log in in the editor, do you see that you have pro if you go to Cursor - The AI-first Code Editor?

Please how can I logout in the editor?

You can log out by clicking the settings button in the top right. Or Cmd+Shift+P then “Cursor Settings.”

Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 1.06.15 PM

Thanks a lot