Can i use Copilot chat along with Cursor Chat option?

Dear Cursor Team,
Thanks for this amazing tool. It’s helping me a lot to understand the codebase and docs. Now i am using my own open API key and it’s costing more for me. So i am thinking of using Github Copilot chat for generic queries and cursor chat for my codebase / doc and other project related queries. So i can keep the cost under control. Even though i imported all my extensions, copilot chat feature is not showing in cursor. How can i enable both cursor chat and copilot chat?

It is possible, but not for now.

Copilot Chat is in beta.

if you have access to it, it’s only available through VS Code Insiders.

So, we are using Cursor that forked the official VS Code, and can’t use the extension during the Copilot Chat beta.

… and Honestly, Copilot Chat is useless compared to what cursor is capable of.