Can you a coding beginner learn coding using Cursor?

I am starting to learn coding for the purpose of coding using Solidity language and was wondering if one can learn from zero to code using this tool.
How would you recommend for anyone to learn Solidity coding from zero to expert while using Cursor?

Hi @victorvazco,

Cursor is a great tool not only for regular programming, but also for learning new materials.

When I am working with unfamiliar programming languages, I often use ctrl/cmd+L chat window to interactively get a better understanding of what’s going on. You can select code, cmd+shift+L to add to current chat, and ask questions about the code. You can then click the apply button in the codeblocks in chat to apply the code back into your codebase. If you find any online documentations that you want to reference, you can also paste the link into chat, and chat will visit the page and use it to answer your questions as well, which is very useful in my experience.

Another tool that you can try out is our inline edits, ctrl/cmd+k, which allows you to select code, ctrl/cmd+k to give instructions, and AI writes the code for you. I use this to try to turn my ideas into actual code, especially when I’m not too sure how to do it myself.

Let me know if you encounter any problems!


Absolutely use it! It’s a tool in the toolbox! I am also new to coding and learning
Ask it to help with code but one thing I do is have it explain line by line so you can understand and learn from it!

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