Can't use Cursor with WSL2

I can’t find any tutorial to use Cursor with WSL2.

With Vscode was it just to go to a folder in WSL and then do code . to open the whole project.

When I do the same but with cursor . do I only get this:

cursor .
To use Cursor with the Windows Subsystem for Linux, please install Cursor in Windows and uninstall the Linux version in WSL. You can then use the `cursor` command in a WSL terminal just as you would in a normal command prompt.
Do you want to continue anyway? [y/N] y
To no longer see this prompt, start Cursor with the environment variable DONT_PROMPT_WSL_INSTALL defined.
/mnt/c/Users/***/AppData/Local/Programs/cursor/resources/app/bin/cursor: 62: /mnt/c/Users/***/AppData/Local/Programs/cursor/resources/app/bin/../cursor: not found