Copilot++ not working: Error in streaming cpp [internal] Protocol error

Ok - that explains that I could not get that method working since most of the time working from outside of the trusted network.

@tnypxl any ideas what could be done next?

@almirm Not really. I’m pretty much at a loss.

I believe ZScaler does not support HTTP/2, which is necessary for copilot++ and indexing for latency/reducing CPU usage:

Thanks a lot @amanrs for looking into the issue and finding the root cause!

Seems HTTP/2 handling is not turned on by default in Zscaler and still something that organizations need to opt-in as support for HTTP/2 feature was introduced late Oct 2023 - Release Upgrade Summary (2023) | Zscaler

@amanrs any chance that we could implement a fallback to HTTP1.1 when protocol error happens? This is from Copilot++ log:

2024-05-17 07:08:56.132 [info] CURSOR LOG: Finished creating provider!
2024-05-17 07:09:31.327 [info] CURSOR LOG: restFunc initiated 66d672fb-489f-45c7-8bf1-1c0135f5336b
2024-05-17 07:09:32.135 [info] CURSOR LOG: Error in streaming cpp [internal] Protocol error
2024-05-17 07:09:32.136 [info] CURSOR LOG: restFunc done 66d672fb-489f-45c7-8bf1-1c0135f5336b
2024-05-17 07:09:32.839 [info] CURSOR LOG: restFunc initiated cb010957-b4c8-434b-a2be-7b87f7800878
2024-05-17 07:09:33.370 [info] CURSOR LOG: Error in streaming cpp [internal] Protocol error
2024-05-17 07:09:33.370 [info] CURSOR LOG: restFunc done cb010957-b4c8-434b-a2be-7b87f7800878

Does the Codebase Indexing also use the HTTP/2, because it is not working under Zscaler too?

Yes, both indexing and copilot++ use HTTP/2

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I’ve met this problem when using clash for proxy behind, Dose anyone have some idea about it?

Mine is suddenly working again. Someone please make this make sense?

Lucky you @tnypxl - still the same error for me. Maybe your zscaler support for HTTP/2 has been enabled by the admin or something like that.