Cursor Symlinks disrupting both Code and Cursor commands

So I can point directly to executables. But this symlink still appears. How can I get rid of it? There is no apps folder within resources of cursor. Seems like a bug, but the symlinks make me unable to fix it.

another user with the exact same issue and the exact same way of reproducing it.

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Did you find any fix to this?

  • For VS code command to work reorder the “code” command above the “cursor” command in your system environment variables.

  • For Cursor :

I just updated the cursor file which is located in the path “/c/Users/pc_username/AppData/Local/Programs/cursor/resources/app/bin/”

  • removed /… from VSCODE_PATH variable
  • updated last variables to be:
ELECTRON_RUN_AS_NODE=1 "$ELECTRON" --ms-enable-electron-run-as-node "$@"
exit $?