Cursor with VPN

Often, I get my Cursor queries blocked. A modal appears citing my connection or my VPN being at fault.

I use VPN because I’m travelling in countries with internet censorship and also because I value privacy from ISPs, etc.

I’m wondering if Cursor plans to block queries from VPN IP addresses, or to let them pass through?

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No plans to block VPN queries. This is likely a bug with our infra. Do you still see connection error issues?

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For what it’s worth I use a VPN literally 24/7 and have had no real issues (I may as well state too that I use or at the very least have Cursor open 24/7 too lol). That said, I do know that some VPNs just don’t work as well in general, which is not saying much, but if I had to recommend anything without outright shilling a VPN provider, I have had a lot better experiences with Wireguard-based VPNs in terms of general connectivity with various services.

I’d be happy to recommend one to you, but won’t invite myself to do so. Feel free to ask though :slight_smile:

It’s good to know Cursor’s stance @truell20 , thank you.

It must have been connection or temporary infra issues. In the case that it keeps happening I will post once more. I suggest this thread is resolved for now.

@Adam I’m using a multi-hop wireguard-based VPN. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

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i also use vpn 24/7
i haven’t have any problem until today which it gave this error

CleanShot 2023-10-11 at 13.46.33

Do you still see the problem? Was this persistent? @daaniyaan

All good Michael. thank you!