Do inline "ghost" completions use all open files in the context?

I recently switched from Copilot to Cursor pro using Copilot++.

When I used copilot, when I had several files open, trying to code something in one file very similar/with the same pattern as something related in another file, Copilot would automatically just “know” about the other file and provide exactly what I wanted.

I’m noticing that Cursor Copilot++ is not doing that.

So, are other open files’ contents sent as part of the context for inline completions?

If they are not, is there any way to enable it?
If not yet, it would be great to be able to do so :smiley:

Hi @david.arteaga,

As of today, Copilot++ does not see your open tabs yet, but we are actively working on adding that in, so stay tuned!

If you have any other issues or questions you have with Copilot++, please let me know :))