Figma Extension Support?

How do I get the Figma VSCode extension to work in Cursor?

Until they support deep links for vscodium based editors, to login:

  1. Follow the redirection.
  2. Toggle the developer tools on the page opened, go to “Network”
  3. Press the button: “Open Figma for VSCode”. Cancel the popup, then click the first network request, that says grant
  4. copy the response: “g_secret” param, and paste in a new tab: cursor://figma.figma-vscode-extension/app_auth_redeem?g_secret=${PASTED_G_SECRET}
  5. Follow the redirect to Cursor

@truell20 is the idea here to eventually allow Cursor to reference/build off of Figma files? Know the gpt-4 vision API is still in beta, but that would be epic for frontend

I followed the same steps up to step 5, but I can’t login to figma from the cursor and repeat the process.

Hey thanks for the help on setting up the Figma extension I was able to get it working!

still feels like we should be better and we will reach out to figma to fix it :slight_smile:

Is this something different from what you did above? I did the same thing, but it keeps repeating the login flow.

This was so helpful, thanks so much for this. The important thing for me was to get the g_secret param before closing the alert, as doing this would close the tab itself.

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