Frequent timeouts with gpt-4 today

Hi there,

Really liking the “concept” of the Cursor IDE, but …

It’s been timing out all morning when calling gpt-4-turbo-2024-04-09.

If it’s as simple as a matter of throughput/capacity, is there a way to get us more? (paid subscriber, happy to pay more).

By the way, if I keep pressing “retry”, eventually it eventually works and seems to not lose it’s place, but it feels like it’s too much. I mean, I’ve been pressing “retry” all morning :rofl:

Overall, great work on the Cursor IDE so far, team. :+1: Can see how it may prove to be one of the great IDE’s as the project matures.

Same here, hit a few of those today.

this will be completely fixed in a new release later this week.

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