GitHub Copilot catching up

It seems like copilot is really making strides to catch up with you guys in recent weeks.

With @workspace agent which in some ways is more appealing than your solution of @'ing every file we need. Copilot chat kind of figures out what it needs and gets it for you.

They’re adding docs support shortly.

They have gpt4.

They have inline code changes and lint fixes via AI.

AI commit messages.

AI pr messages and descriptions.

Is it possible to keep up momentum here? Are there many other tricks in your bag?
Cursor still has the edge for me right now, and I’m a happy paying customer, but it feels inevitable that copilot will catch up soon and I get copilot for free as an OS maintainer.

I’m wondering what your take is?

In Cursor you don’t need to @ every file you need. You can use @Codebase. More about it here: "@"-Symbol References - Cursor

Enabling the Reasoning step will also make the AI rethink what files/snippets you actually need.

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That’s good to know, thanks.

It’s a good point. I did know about the ctrl+enter search codebase feature. I tend to use it for issues like, CI or linting setup issues or something that’s effecting the entire codebase.

I didn’t realise think to use it like this, and I wasn’t aware of the Reasoning Step. The new docs look great. I’d love to see some more advanced information on there, like what Reasoning Step actually does, as it’s probably not immediately obvious to most users. It makes sense now that you’ve said it.

In hindsight you’ve given us the best of both worlds - we can let AI try and gather the context required, or we can add it manually. I know llm’s struggle at higher context levels, so I imagine the manual @ option is probably going to produce better results at times.

Cursor is a fantastic product. I’m rooting for you and I’m excited to see more

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What is Reasoning Step and how do we use that?

And also I’m not sure as far as I know, copilot still using gpt3 not gpt4

@emre It’s an optional setting for codebase context messages.

@SymbolCodebaseAdvanced (1)

If you look at the copilot output for copilot chat you will see that it’s logging gpt-4 now

this is interesting topic for me… i just cancelled copilot because it lacks context… It seems we are in the 2nd wave now where its all about context so if git hub can do that and do it better to the point its worth paying ill come back