GitHub Third-party application access policy

Hi there, I noticed that when connecting Cursor to GitHub you request write access to repos. Is this necessary? I’d much prefer you didn’t have this authorization.


Where are you connecting Cursor to Github? We used to use Github for repo indexing but thought we took that option out entirely.

On mac (In a git repo that is backed by github). Private API key but paying subscriber

  1. Click on the gear icon on the top right
  2. Under codebase indexing, current workspace
  3. Click Advanced
  4. There is now a link in the middle that says “Login to Github”.

Ah understood. Should be no reason to use that option for now.

If we move back towards using Github, we will certainly limit the requested permissions. Thank you for reporting this.



On git push I am getting this message “In order to provide better results, Cursor wants to sign in to Github”. I don’t think you state anywhere that you need access to Github and I cannot give the access as the account I am using has access to repositories of another organization.

Is it a bug? If this is intended, I don’t like the idea because of the reason above.

Would appreciate you reply.

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@horbor I think that might be an outdated message from when Cursor used GitHub to do its codebase indexing. That should just lead you to a regular GitHub login so you can push your changes.

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Thanks, but it says “In order to provide better results”, would be cool if this could be removed to avoid confusion.

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@horbor Yep, 100%.

Could you say more about what triggers this message? Are you just doing a push through the normal git UI on the left sidebar? Screenshots are super helpful!

Yes, just git push origin master
A dialogue appears with that message. It doesn’t block you from entering login and password the VSCode way, on the top, but I was confused first. Now, as I am logged in, it doesn’t appear anymore.

Found the issue here, will be fixed in the next update

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Thank you