Go to declaration doesn't work

I cannot get go to declaration to work. Neither with ctrl + click, option from top menu or key binding:

    "key": "alt+l",
    "command": "editor.action.goToDeclaration"

Please advice how to get it to work

What language are you using?

Python, I’ve found that Pylance doesn’t work with this version of vs code (I use latest build for linux):

Also there seems to be Pyright already installed but can’t get it to work either

Hmm think this is a problem with a new release that we rolled out to a few users. As a temporary fix, you can downgrade here: Can't connect to remote ssh server after recent update - #5 by truell20

it worked, thanks

Installing this precious version worked for me too. It seems like it trying to use some custom default Python server but it’s not working correctly.

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