Gpt4 when limits are used up

what happens when Ill use up all my 500 gpt4 chat? It’ll fall back to gpt3.5 until next payment cycle?

Thank u

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No, if you Paid for Pro, you just have 500 fast gpt 4 requests , till your next payment cycle, you have unlimited slow gpt 4 requests.

sometimes it can get really slow :frowning:

yeah :smiling_face_with_tear: unfortunately, demand is greater than supply but it’s all patience

Yea unfortunately latency will fluctuate based on how busy our servers are. If people are interested, can add an option to purchase more fast requests.


I’m surely interested to be able to buy extra fast requests

gotcha. we will have a new plan for you all soon!

Can’t wait!

Also, what are the chances you might consider publishing some normalised charts of load, so we can work out which days and times of day are considered ‘peak’ right now? Might help some of us to steer our coding towards quieter times of the day and distribute the load a bit better :slight_smile:

Would love this. What would a rought eta be on this? In the mean time, is there any downside to purchasing a second account and switching between them when credits run out?