How can I keep docsets in context?

So I add docs with this little modal right?

But as soon as I close that modal and reopen it, it says none of the docs are in context anymore.

If I open a Chat and use @ to be able to access docs, it doesn’t seem like my Wavesurfer docs are there…

What am I doing wrong?

Aside from having my workspace in context, being able to upload new docs and have Cursor understand/memorize them for my GPT-4 requests is 99% of the reason I’m interested in it.

Not exactly sure what that modal is. Maybe an old one from an older version of Cursor?

Click on the “Add new doc” option in the dropdown instead. That will open another Custom Docs modal that should work.

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Yep, that worked. Do I have to re-add them every time I ask a question? Or does it keep the docs in context for the duration of that chat?

Only once per chat.