How do I export chat with AI?

How do I export or share a chat with AI?
I want to be able to share my chat with AI same as ChatGPT does in order to share it with my coworkers.
Or at least be able to export it. Currently I have to copy/paste every chat message manually and it becomes very tedious work.
Screenshot is not an option, as I need to be able to search through it, and copy/paste content.

Are there any suggestions on how can I share/export quickly chat on Cursor AI?


No way right now, but noted as a feature request!


I’d like to endorse this feature request. Or at least, some way to name and preserve chats. They can be invaluable reference.

I’ve recently created a way to re-view ChatGPT conversations. Assuming you’re able to export using their default format easily, you could use it: GitHub - dreki/convo-formatter


It’s great to hear that this has been noted as a feature request. I’ll be eagerly awaiting its release!

+1 … we are using Cursor for teaching and it would greatly help to be able to share chats as examples or for feedback / debugging. thanks!

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Would like to store some really helpful conversations to Obsidian (or just standalone .MD file). Copy & Paste is clunky, and fomatting gets lost (code blocks especially).