How to install cursor-server manually?

Hello there!
I want to use a remote connection to a server, but this server has no direct internet access, only proxy. We can use ssh to connect.
I want to install Cursor Server manually. How can I do this? Is it possible?

The Cursor server is hosted at${version}-${commit}/vscode-reh-${os}-${arch}.tar.gz.

For example, for the latest release, the link is

For every new Cursor update, you would need to update the version and the commit, which may be a little bit tricky.

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Thank you. But anyway, how to install and run it manually?

One idea would be to just download from the link above on a separate machine, and then scp in the cursor server onto your airgapped machine. Would that work?

Yes. There is no problem to transfer tar to the remote server. My question is How to run this server and allow to my Cursor IDE to connect this Cursor Server?

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Please help me!


it should simply run automatically when cursor connects over ssh, as long as the server binary is in the expected location, iirc.

Need to check this. this is .cursor-server I suppose

aye, if memory serves the default location is /home/$USER/.cursor-server/bin/${commit}

where ${commit} is the same identifier as used above in How to install cursor-server manually? - #2 by arvid220u

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yup. got it. thank you