How to join Cursor Nightly

Our nightly build gets daily updates off of our development branch.

This is best for people who want to give feedback on our latest features and don’t mind a bit of bugginess.

To join Nightly

  1. Join the Cursor Discord (we mostly use this for nightly users)
  2. Download Cursor Nightly from the #getting-started-nightly channel

Please ping us with thoughts and bug reports in the Discord! Your feedback will shape what we build next :slight_smile:


Hello, just tried this, I was originally in the server but I left and re-joined with this link but it doesn’t give me access to the channel, I did however get the nightly build!

Ah, was a private channel. Just made it public.

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I can see the channel, thanks for the quick reply!

Once you’re in discord, please check the nightly channel’s pinned messages for additional information and the email required for the nightly download form.

I’ve installed the nightly , does it receive updates too? Or do i have to keep re-downloading it? havent’ see any update notification for 2 days

Nightly has auto-update too. The latest version is 0.14.3 currently (released 3 days ago).