How to update to nightly?

Can’t seem to find where and how to update to the nightly build. Looked at the website and searched in the IDE itself … without any success.


I would also like to know this.
and what is exactly nightly.

Hey! To get on the nightly build (which is our bleeding edge version of Cursor), you can join our private discord channel here:

There will be a download link for nightly in that chat.

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found the link, but my email has no access - would appreciate if I’d get access - e-mail is the same as the one here used on forum, which is also used for the the account

There’s an email in that discord chat that should give you access

Would you mind sharing the link to dl nightly? I can’t find it on the Discord.

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Thanks, appreciate it. It appears I’m not on the list either. :thinking:

there was an email in the discord that you could have used that and download the nightly and then use your own email for signing in.
but i don’t remember what was the email!