How to upgrade a complete Codebase

maybe a dumb question, but I wonder if cursor can tackle this kind of scenario:

  • I have a PHP project with JS, CSS and SCSS files. The System is a PHP based CMS.
  • I would like to update the project from an outdated bootstrap version to a current one.
  • I would like some PHP plugins
  • To achieve this, I’d need to look into all Templates which are stored in folders across the CMS system and update the HTML with classnames etc
  • additionally, I would need to update my customized CSS files for my bootstrap theme and figure out how to upgrade all my CSS classes accordingly
  • same for the JS that might refer to old jQuery
  • finally, I’d try to sort out unneccessary code from my old CSS code and optimize the CSS files

Could I let Cursor help me with this project? How would you do this?