I have been charged twice

So first of all…
Last month I used the Pro version with 500 gpt 4 requests. When I ran out I upgraded to Pro++.
This month I didn’t want to buy 2000 requests from the beginning, so I let the subscription expire and then ordered the classic Pro with 500 requests.
The order was 12/1/2023 - 20 usd.
Today, 12/3/2023, I was charged another $80 for the Pro++ version, which I did not order, and to make matters worse, the page says I only have the Pro version with 500 requests.
I would like to refund the 80 dollars back to my bank account, because I manually bought only the Pro version with 500 requests and 80 dollars is quite a lot for me.
For security reasons I won’t give you any bank account information, but this forum account is linked to the same email as the cursor.sh account.
If you need more information, discord: STEJSKi

Hey! Could you dm me your email at hi@cursor.sh. Certainly want to get this sorted out for you.

Actually, seems that we have your email and we’re on it! Will be in touch there.

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@truell20 Hello, any updates?