Integrating Custom GPT Models & Godot 4.x GDScript 2.0 Support in Cursor

Are there plans or existing capabilities for integrating custom GPT models from the Explore GPT’s shop into Cursor’s environment? For instance, could we use a model specifically trained on certain domains or technologies?

Furthermore, I’m particularly keen on finding out if there is any possibility of integrating Godot 4.x support, with an emphasis on the new GDScript 2.0 language, into Cursor’s Copilot ++ or any similar feature. This would be invaluable for those of us working with the latest Godot engine and looking to leverage AI for more efficient scripting and game development.

Is the integration of such customized or updated features on the roadmap, and if so, could we get a glimpse into the timelines and potential for such developments?

Thank you for any information or direction you can provide on these fronts!

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You can feed the docs into Cursor and it will get familiar with them. It works great, I tried with Verse (Fortnite) and it is able to use a completely new syntax despite never been trained on it. It does the usual mistakes a gpt4 chat would do, like hallucinations, but overall I can see that feeding the docs into it allows the AI to pull that new information to me whenever I need it. With a better model like upcoming Gemini 1.5 from Google, if and when it’ll be added to Cursor, the experience will be better.

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