Lost Account Subscription Status After Logging In

Signed up and paid for a yearly subscription 2 days ago. Worked fine for a day, then the next time I tried logging into the cursor.sh website to check on usage for some reason it said the email address is already in use and asked me to link account?

Not sure if I accidentally clicked on sign up instead of log in, but that should not just override the existing account the email is registered to. Now when I go to settings it shows up as if I have no subscription.

Can someone please help look into this? I already paid for a yearly subscription…

Has this been solved yet for you? If not, you can DM me your e-mail.

Solved. I ended up getting refunded and resubscribed and everything works as it should.

Hello Jakob. We have the same issue. Our subscription was downgraded to “free tier” shortly after the payment for some reason.

@phsw Please send me your e-mail via direct message.

@Jakob Unfortunately, even after a long search, I can’t find any DM function.

Sent you a DM. You might be able to access it through this URL: Profile - phsw - Cursor Community Forum