Lots of empty responses

Commenting again that I’m seeing this behavior again; empty responses, responses that remove existing comments but add no additional code, resposnse that add comments to code described as not effective or possible … very annoying.

Sorry about this - should be fixed in the next build!

In the meantime, happy to refund anyone who has encountered this - please email us at hi@cursor.sh!

As an immediate fix, you can force an update to the newest version with the patch by redownloading the app from cursor.sh.

Otherwise, the update will roll out to all users at the end of today (its progressively rolling out to a fraction of users right now).


I’m on 0.30 and still having this issue. Every other response I get from the chat with gpt4 is either truncated or just not there. Obviously this makes using slow requests doubly frustrating. Example below:

@zerk1 that issue is resolved in 0.31, you simply need to update cursor.