Open with VS code in the menu when you right click

you know how there is an open with VS code option when you right click if you have it install in that manner, how do i add the same for cursor

When you right click on a file? Could you send a screenshot? What OS are you on?

i am in windows

please check this image, just like there is open with code, is there a way i can add open with cursor

You could modify the registry to include this after you’ve added the cursor command to path.
Just make a temp.reg file and paste

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Open in Cursor"

@="powershell.exe -command \"Set-Location -literalPath '%V'; . cursor .""

Run it. Now when you shift+right click a folder it will have an option to open that folder in cursor. If you want so it appears when you click in the empty space I think it’s just a matter of changing the reg path to * instead of directory. If you don’t want the shift + right click and just right click, remove the Extended=“” line