Pro Subscription: Daily limit instead of Monthly for GPT4 Priority requests

I’ve used around 300 / 500 fast requests for GPT4 this month and I’m yet to see what performance is like when I have run out of fast requests. I’m really not looking forward to the prospect of having 2 weeks left without any fast requests - GPT4 is slow enough!

I would love to see an improvement in how this is managed. Firstly to easily toggle between fast and slow requests…I’m unsure why this has not been added yet as I imagine it’s not so hard to implement and it’s a highly requested feature. Can you give an ETA on this - are you actively working on a solution?

The other key thing I would like is a daily limit instead of a monthly limit. I see other competitors to Cursor offer something like 30 requests a day limit. I imagine you could be more generous than the 500 a month as I can’t imagine people using 30 requests a day 7 days a week.

The reason I would like this is because if I use my quote in the first 15/20 days every month I will have a period without fast requests every month…far from ideal and could encourage me to look at other options!

Any thoughts @truell20?


Hey! For the time being, slow requests are mostly the same speed as fast.

Given how highly requested it is, we’ll give people the ability to toggle between the two. Don’t have an exact timeline for you, but should be available quite soon.