Python configuration

I am trying to run a simple hello world python file.
I’ve imported the launch.json configuration from my vscode, but when I try to run the file I got this error bellow :


Then when I click on install python extension I get this error :

“Error while fetching extensions. XHR failed”
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So I follow your tutorial on how to install an extension, I downloaded the Python extension


When I try to drag that into the extension page, nothing appear, its like its not recognize.
I get this error:
“Unable to install extension ‘ms-python.python’ as it is not compatible with VS Code ‘1.80.1’.”

What can I do please?

Asking the question in the “Chat” feature, they say it may be related to Firewall/Antivirus issue. As I am using that app on my corporate desktop, which URL/Port should I tell them to unlock?
Also, VSCode is working on my machine perfectly, so it’s not something related to vscode website extension, it’s something related to cursor. Is there a specific url or port I need to unlock?
Many thanks

Lucky for you, I struggled with this recently and found a solution. Hopefully, it works for you too.

You can edit the ‘extensionsGallery’ in your product.json. If you’re on Windows it should be in C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Programs\cursor\resources\app by default.

Inside there is an “extensionGallery” with some things like “serviceUrl”. I replaced everything in the extensionGallery to be like this.

Note that you will need to remove the spaces that I added in the links. New users can’t post that many links.

“extensionsGallery”: {
“serviceUrl”: “https:// marketplace.visualstudio. com/_apis/public/gallery”,
“cacheUrl”: “https:// net/gallery/index”,
“itemUrl”: “https:// marketplace.visualstudio. com/items”

Why do you need to do this? I’m not too sure. Are there potentially some other consequences of doing this? I have no idea, but everything that I’m using is working now.

Hey William! Waw many thanks! That saved me maybe days of research!
That fixed my issue too!
Many thanks again