Quick preview not navigating correctly

When I click on a code displayed in Quick Preview window (appears when Ctrl+click has multiple results), it always takes me to the beginning of the file instead of where the reference is used.

Have verified this bug in both Typescript and Python files.

@RealityMoez Hello. Can you please confirm if this issue is real?

This not a bug by the way.
It’s a shortcut conflict that is not the one you are used to.

This is called ‘Peek Definition’ in VSCode, you can search for it in Keyboard Shortcuts.
if you want the normal Ctrl + Click, and want go to Definition immediately, you can search for ‘Show Definition Preview Hover’ and set it to Ctrl

I think I didn’t explain the problem properly.

Let me share a recording of the exact issue:


There’s no problem in the video still, because it’s a preview, so you can’t click on a specific function in the preview, you just look at it, and if you double clicked you will navigate to that file/function previewed previously.

The functionality you expect is in Visual Studio I think, not VSCode.

It does work fine in VSCode. Sharing the recording:

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You are right.

Huh… Confirmed this is an issue on my end too. Thanks for reporting this.

Thanks for confirming, @RealityMoez @truell20 :slight_smile:

Should I hope to get an update on this thread once the issue fixed?

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Of course, will update here when I have more details

Hello guys. Did you get a chance to root cause this issue?