"rules for ai" features

two features that would make “rules for ai” system prompts more useful to me:

  1. the ability to save different rules as “presets”. i’m often switching between very different contexts. i don’t want to have to store these rules somewhere else and remember to change them out each time. bonus if this were saved with the “VS Code” workspace.
  2. the ability to @ reference embedding. (“always refer to @ before doing ____”)

presets is much needed feature, also per project custom instructions would be great

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Yep, both make a lot of sense.

as i’m starting to use cursor for basically my entire life, i just want to bump up this feature request for presets for the rules for AI system prompt. ideally these could get saved into the vscode workspace and reloaded when that directory is loaded.

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I like this idea. A few questions — would love input from as many of you as possible:

  1. For a given folder, would you always want the same context injected, or are there cases when you would want different rules depending on the question? If it is the latter, would love some examples of what you’re thinking
  2. Would you want to share the project-specific rules with other people working in the same repository? (e.g. would you want the rules to be regular files that can be checked into version control, or would you want to store them locally only)

I think it would be ok to load the same context per folder, or per saved “workspace” file. While I do mix and match some stuff in repos, I think it’s fair to think of the preset as per repo / per folder / per VS Code “workspace”.

I guess that would be pretty slick to be able to share the system prompt with other people, but I think it is too large of a scope. Think of it like any VS Code preset or extension, I wouldn’t force my co-workers to use the same ones that I do. (But maybe this is normal, I’m not a professional software developer). In other words - I would like to store the presets as my own. Locally is fine, it would be great to have the option to sync to other devices I run cursor on. (like other VSCode / Cursor presets). In other words - I would think of the “rules for ai” as a “Cursor user preference” (that can be unique for each workspace/repo/folder)

Is it me or did the AI Rules tab disappear?

It’s accessible from the Settings (gear button in the top right)!

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@truell20 So now that there is only the chat in the sidebar, can we get a normal sidebar where we can pin other stuff as well like in the normal VScode?

@debian3 You can move tabs between the left and right sidebar but you have to set workbench.activityBar.orientation to vertical so that it uses VSCode’s original UI.

@Jakob And if I do so, do I loose the Cursor Chat?

@debian3 No. It will still be in the right sidebar.

@Jakob Strange that in vertical mode you can, but in horizontal mode you can’t move the stuff from the left panel to the right panel. Perso I prefer horizontal + being able to move other stuff on the right panel.

Edit: I was able to move it to the top. Now it’s perfect. Thanks. (That should be the default).

I agree.

What are you talking about? I’m curious - wouldn’t mind trying it :slight_smile:
If you could explain what the benefits you gain from it are, as well as the steps you used to activate it at the top that would be awesome. Thanks :slight_smile: