Support - Refund Request Please

I left an email to 2 times and never got a response. I also emailed to also 2 times. I even went as far as to make a github issues simply just to get a refund because I never got a response. No one responded to the github issue that I opened either… This is disgusting on how frustrating it is just to get a refund due to it being too expensive for me to keep up with. I didn’t even get an email for a ticket number telling me that I would get a response later. Nope none of that.

Hi Thomas,

I went ahead and refunded your account (I also kept your subscription active until March 25th!)

We’re a lean team of 8 engineers, so sometimes it takes us 2-3 days to respond to refund requests.

Sorry for this wait and you should be able to see the change in your bank account in 5-10 days.

Hope this help!


Thank you very much :grinning: