Surgested Feature -> countdown to next month useage reset / or next month date

Suggested feature how many days before usage counts reset,

a progress bar of requests for the different modals to hit limits and a progress bar of how many days though the month you are would also be really helpful.

then also have the upgrade path advertised to get more useage

Feature Request,

a insights page into usage of models to limits ( with progress bars ) including a progress bar of how many days are left in the month. so that as a user I can forcast if I’m ahead of my useage for the month and will run out before the month is out.

also please offer the upgrade path in this page to get more useage

also please offer a method to support your work byway of donations for those of us that have api keys so that we can still support your amazing work.

If you’re subscribed to Pro you can click on Manage Subscription from the Dashboard and your plan renewal date will be displayed at the top.

If you’re a free user you can check when you got the first email from us in your inbox. Your usage will reset every month from that date.

But I agree this could be made easier.

That’s in the Dashboard. But I assume you mean you want it right in the app which is a good suggestion. ​