"The editor could not be opened because the file was not found"

Anytime I try to click on a thought to perform action in my code, I’m getting this error. If I click in a code block that has an action button that seems to be fine. This also appears to be happening across all projects. I deleted the custom knowledge I had.

The error started when I was using Windows 10 but I just switched to Windows 11 in the same time that the error has been happening.

When I started out using the program, it was working just fine, I had to do some stuff related to my python environment, I also installed Github copilot just to try to use their voice feature. I have since uninstalled those plugins to try to narrow down the problem. I am new to VSCode.

The software works fantastic, though, when it does!

Some help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

I can confirm this is still happening across all projects, even after the new update. I tried uninstalling and also deleting my local, files cache. VSCode code still seems to be keeping my settings, so I’m probably missing something…

Hmm, It appears actions are not working even when I click them within code blocks as well.

Thank you for the report! I’m having the same problem for “Apply to” on text blocks.

What’s happening when you click on “Apply to” on code blocks?