The model gpt-4 does not work with your current plan or api key. i have access to gpt 4. and it is working if i manually request to get a response but ctrl+k is not working

My Api works when i manually request a response from my key. doesn’t work for either model. tried turning on and off (the key button) . any suggestion?

Yep, same here.

Sorry about this. We had an accidental deployment that broke Cursor for API key users. Does it work for you now?

I acknowledge the same problem when using “Reasoning Steps”, without it, the API is working fine.

We had an accidental deployment

and before that too.

I have also encountered this error ,

+1 same issue, says it does not with my current plan, works without reasoning steps though.

@KingKonga I believe the reasoning step uses “gpt-4-32k” which your API key maybe doesn’t have access to.