Upgrade to Pro button not working

I’m clicking on upgrade to pro and receiving a 400 error, with nothing happening. Is this just me, or is there a problem your end?

Request URL:

Request Method:

Status Code:
400 Bad Request

Apologies about this. Trying to replicate on my end to no avail so far.

Could you screenshot your network tab in the developer tools?

FYI, there’s no response message. Just a 400 code. I’ve tried different browsers and clearing cache, etc.

I’m not sure if it makes a difference, but I have previously been a pro member before. I’m not signing up for the first time.

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@truell20 thanks for looking into this. Do you have any update? I’m wondering if there is any way I can manually pay for this whilst you guys work on a fix, or just get access and you can cancel it once a fix has been made and then I pay? I’m keen to get going.

Could you try upgrading using a new account for the time being and see if that works? Thanks for reporting this.

I’ve done that and it works. I guess I have 2 accounts now, but I’m in at least. Thanks

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