VERY slow GPT-4 slow requests

GPT-4o is up! If you reload your editor, you should see it in the model dropdown. If not, you can punch it in manually in Settings > Models.

Still figuring out pricing. For now, gpt-4o requests will just count as gpt-4 requests.


@truell20, the issue persists and makes Cursor completely unusable, which is very sad. I sent you an email a few days back with a screen recording of the issue, which is happening almost every morning.

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BTW, the issue is more severe when using terminal, in-line and interpreter.

is it happening with gpt-4o and/or gpt-4 turbo?

Thank you for reporting. This issue is the main reason why I stopped my subscription. I still love Cursor and am always interested in what people who reach 500 a month messages limit experience to decide if I should come back or if it’s still the same.