VSCode Version 1.83 / Cursor

Is there any estimate on when this would be available? Cursor has been rendered unusable for me as a result of this sadly.

We appreciate all the feedback here! Certainly moves this merge up our priority list.

Out of curiosity, what specific problem made Cursor unusable for you? Was it an incompatible extension, or something else?

The Ruby LSP extension is needed for formatting, go to definition etc. but it gives the error message above

“The language client requires VS Code version ^1.82.0 but received version 1.80.1”

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I just noticed this too! Same issue with the Ruby LSP extension.

Thank you for sending this. Really bad that the Ruby extension isn’t working at all. We will have a fix live by tomorrow night.

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Pls dont forget the whole vscode python ecosystem that is freezed to 4/6 months ago

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yep we are largely updating to the newest versionof vscode.


Can you let us know here when this has been done. Thank you! :pray:

Can you please hurry up? Now pylance(default language server for python) doesn’t work anymore. I must use pyright but is far from optimal. Vscode parity should be a priority being your product not free (and the most pricey in this type of plugin)

The update should drop today or tomorrow morning. The team is working really hard on it. Thank you for your patience!

Thank you for your update :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That’s great to hear. To add a little weight to the importance: The WSL extension is currently not working (requires ^1.81.0.), which approximately means Cursor can’t be used for any kind of web dev on windows.

Changelog for 0.13.0 (updated VSCode version) seems to be there but downloads still point to 0.12.3. Hopefully it will be available soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


same for me, any updates?

The update for this should drop today. The changelog for the next version (0.13.0) is already available on the website. Thank you for your patience!


This update will begin rolling out to users slowly in a few hours. That means we release it to a few randomly selected users first before making it available to everyone. Since this update carries a higher risk of bugs, it might take an additional ~12 hours before everyone receives it. Thank you for your patience!


The staged rollout has started! You can also redownload from https://cursor.sh to instantly get the latest version (all of your settings/extensions will move over to the redownloaded version).

Thank you for your patience here — there were a few more bugs to squash in the merge than expected.


Updated in the morning (local time here in northern Europe) and I have not encountered any problems/regressions so far. I’m so happy that all my extensions are working again. It was a bit surprising that so many extensions required almost the latest VSCode version.

Anyway, nice job listening to the community feedback and reacting accordingly. :+1: It’s probably somewhat painful to prioritize keeping up to date with VSCode over some awesome new AI-coding features but I’d rather have my extensions AND keep using the Cursor even if that means a little bit slower progress on new features.


love to hear it. please keep posting and if you find bugs please post here!

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Btw Cursor based off of 1.83 should be wide-launched to all users (0.13.2).

In the future, our current plan is to merge in VSCode releases as soon as they launch instead of pinning to an old version like we did before. Though, this is subject to change if ends up causing problems for people.