What does it mean to use Cursor at-cost?

Very excited about using Cursor on the day-to-day, however, I’m confused about the OpenAI key wording.

“Enter your OpenAI API key to use Cursor completely at-cost. To start, hit the gear icon in the top-right of the editor.”

Do I still need to get a Pro membership or is this priced differently?

Nope! No need to buy pro or pay us anything.

You just cover the cost of the OpenAI API calls.

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Thanks for the super fast response @truell20, been playing with cursor for about an hour and it is already speeding up my workflow at least 2x.

Amazing work!

Am I also paying for each suggestion the model makes while I am typing, or only when I am accepting it?

This is github copilot, separate from cursor.

ah got it, thx. I forgot I activated that. It disappeared as soon as I signed out from the github account