Where is "experimental bash mode"?

Re: https://changelog.cursor.sh/?

Also, there’s an experimental bash mode: enable it in the settings, and let the chat answer questions with the help of running bash commands. If you find it useful, please let us know, and we will spend more time on making it production-ready!

i don’t see this anywhere, and nothing shows up on this forum for a search for “bash mode”.

i suspect this might help solve some of my challenges with Cursor not being able to “learn” about the file structure: Can Cursor "learn" about the git & file structure aspects of a repo? - #2 by raw.works

Enabled in the advanced cursor settings (see below). Think code interpreter but with access to bash instead of Python. Let me know if you run into issues! Very experimental. You might need to yell at the model to use bash.

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hmm…any ideas why it’s not there for me?

Ack, are you on Windows? Only there for Linux/Mac for the time being.

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