Your best use cases for the new interpreter mode?

What are your first experiences with the new “Interpreter Mode”? It seems to me that this is a very powerful feature. Therefore, I would be interested in what you have used it for so far.

I’ll start with two use cases:

  1. Edit multiple files in the same way in one step. Prompt: Add the code comment “// Written by AI” to all files ending with “Service”. Please search the entire directory structure of the current project for this. Write an executable Python script for this!

  2. Generalize code and extract it into another file: Add two Code snippets as extra context and prompt: “Generalize these two snippets and extract it in a new file with name XXXService”

Let’s see what you have :slight_smile:


I’m also really curious to hear what folks are doing with interpreter mode…

…it seems powerful but right now I don’t really get it…


interpreter mode is getting a real boost soon!

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